About Me

 2014 is when it all started; in search of the perfect swimsuit to fit her body, Mia Whitehurst, founder and fashion designer for #SnatchedClothing, envisioned a clothing line that would offer not only stylish, sexy, fun clothing but comfortable clothing inclusive to all body types.
Since then, Mia has been focusing on developing her craft as well as her brand. While attending East Carolina University working towards a Bachelors degree in University Studies with a concentration in Creative Design in Merchandising, a great opportunity presented itself in a merchandising class. In April 2016, Mia was one of the featuring stylist in a fashion show, Dress 2 Give, where she also debuted her first collection for #SnatchedClothing.
 Building off the success of the debut, she has been produced three major collections of her career, #Queendom, #Spring2017, and #Thirst48. Each collection similar, but different in its own way.
 In 2019, Mia debuted her fifth collection and most noteworthy collection of her career, SPECTRUM. In the details you will see her notable seam-stitch. This collection is about taking piece from the past and making them better,
In April 2019, I had the pleasure of debuting my senior collection, SPECTRUM, at the Greenville Museum of Art for my practicum project. In just four months, I was able to develop an entire collection, design tickets and flyers, conduct a photo shoot, market the fashion show, as well as coordinate the show all myself.This experience has been a complete whirlwind, but it also made me realize this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. From the sleepless nights to the tears of excitement right before the debut, I would not do anything over. It's amazing that months of work will be over in 15 short minutes, so short lived, yet so exhilarating.

First i want to thank God for giving me this gift and the ability to create with these hands. To all the parental figures in my life, thank you sooooo much for believing in me and seeing the potential in me. Thank you for always pushing me to achieve my goals even when they weren't crystal clear. To every single best friend that I have, thank you for all the encouraging, motivating, uplifting, and mind blowing friendships you've all given to me. Thank you for being my support system when I felt like giving up. Thank you to all who have provided opportunities of growth, the ones who've been here from the beginning, and to each and every last person who is getting #SNATCHED, words can't describe my gratitude or my appreciation. I thank everyone from the depths of my heart who is helping me along the way. I could not have done this without you. Thank you.

-Mia Amber Whitehurst